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After sharing her story to open the #metoo movement in Australia she, like most whistleblowers, discovered she could no longer work within the system which only left her with only two options; die or to expand.   She did both.

Once upon a time she felt claustrophic under the glass ceiling but in the world we are now creating the glass ceiling doesn't exist. 

Her message encourages us to rise above our stories into an entirely new creation. 

50 million women around the world cried #metoo.  MarYam Saffire BoVardia hopes to evolve the conversation to birth #wetoo;  men, women and children, harmonised in the holy spirit; reclaiming our lives and land in an epic movement of revival and restoration of sacred balance.   Together we are stronger.  

She has distanced herself from that movement after observing it's disintegration.  She strongly supports Bruce Lehrmann now as he fights false allegations and hosts a rapidly growing group on FB and invites everyone to join us there as we explore where and how the story became so corrupted and call for an end to the feminist movement and #metoo.

If I was Brittany Higgins mother this is the letter I would write to her.

Brittany please sell the French Chateau and come home darling. You need to ground and recalibrate after this epic sordid adventure you’ve been on. Donate the money to a cause that helps all people, regardless of their gender, re-establish their lives after domestic violence. Unfortunately this man you have chosen is not a man ready for a relationship. There is a very high probability this relationship will become abusive.  All the tell tale signs are there.  He needs help too but you are not the one to do it.

You will need to apologise to the Australian people for accepting the $3 million payoff. That part is not your fault my darling. The politicians and bureaucrats involved are the ones who must bare the heat for that.

You’ve been used as a puppet in a dirty game. People will forgive you. We all make mistakes. Tell the truth Brittany. We have spoken to specialist psychologists who can help both you and Bruce as you evolve through this messy situation. People will understand you are also a victim of a corrupted culture at the end of its days.

You are at a pivotal moment of your life Brittany, a sliding door scenario. You have two choices. Do the right thing or continue the lie. It’s up to you. Redemption is possible through repentance. It is deeply distressing to see two young people like you and Bruce caught up in this sordid mess but salvation is guaranteed through spiritual evolution.

Christ is calling you back to his kingdom darling. It’s the only way out of this hellish nightmare.



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