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The Beesting Army formed at the beginning of the plandemic initiated by Karen Brewer.

A small group of women subsequently began meeting every Tuesday in a suburban house in the outer suburbs of Wyong on the NSW Central Coast to educate and form strategies to counter the New World Order which threatens their survival and is rolling out at warp speed.

At the top of their priorities has been the welfare of the children as we became increasingly aware of the abhorent crimes against humanity with the gravitas of the sickening crimes of child trafficking and satanic ritual abuse revealed over the last three years.

The BeeSting Army developed ingenious communication strategies to circumvent the propaganda and censorship that was being enforced upon the people as they organised; they were present at every rally, formed networks and worked tirelessly day and night.  They embody people power in action.

But now as the attack on the natural world and organic human intensifies, the authorities administering the New World Order have commenced their attack on the BEES, killing them all under the false premise of a mysterious disease called Varroa Mite. All domestic hives are being destroyed whether or not they have this mite or not under their malevolent plan is to rid the planet of bees and control the food supply.

Why?  We need our pollinators to produce our food.  Without them our food supply is decimated and we will be at the complete mercy of the globalist's to feed us sub-standard food.  There are already two "bug" farms in the Central Coast hinterland.   The Central Coast is the food hub for the mega city strategy being rolled out now by the Greater Cities Commission under the governance of the United Nations and World Economic Forum.  

We interweave the stories of the BeeSting Army, which documents every stage of this plandemic as they desperately try to fight back against the corrupted patriarchy, with the stories of the killing of  bees to illustrate the story of the destruction of our society, communities, families and all of life as we fall into under the psychopathic control of the corporations, technology and big pharma.


Personally, I would like to make the bee a protected species. If we protect the bee we protect all the pollinators and we protect ourselves. 

Toni Childs

Emmy award winning and three time Grammy nominated recording artist and environmentalist Toni Childs has a plan to create a multi-dimensional arts experience focused on bees called "It's all Beautiful Noise".

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck recognises her collaboration with bees as working with thousands of natural born architects.


"The bees have the skills of an architect," she says.  "It's their ability to construct up, down, in three dimensions that interested me. They create the most beautiful environment that I've ever seen. I mean, it's just absolutely gorgeous. You have to be an artist to be able to do that."


"We're so meshed in what we do, the bees and I. They work by instinct and I work intuitively. And I'm trying to figure out whether there's a difference."


"I feel close to them when I'm working in the hive because of the warmth they emit and the sound. They seem to be so — such a caring community," says Dyck, emotion in her voice. "I'm really concerned for them. 95 per cent of wild honeybees have disappeared. When you're so close to a creature that's so important to the world and you know how quickly they could disappear, and what that would do to humanity, that's a relationship that's pretty precious."

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