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November 8, 2021.  The Entrance, Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

Event:  Reclaim the Line rally

The old world crumbles around us.  It's death causing chaos but it is necessary just as it would happen in any holistic natural system that must evolve to survive.  New life always finds its way through the debris and detritus of decay. 

Traditionally the community of the Central Coast are pretty easy going 'This'll do me' kind of people.  It is home to everyday people, mostly essential workers, who are the backbone of our society.  Teachers, nurses, aged care and disability workers, Dr's, firefighters, cleaners, construction workers etc. 

A Globalist agenda to introduce a new world order has made its presence felt in this iconic coastal region and the community is facing several dilemmas.  Many will not comply with questionable Public Health Orders for their own reasons but mostly because the 'vaccines' are not safe and remain in trial until 2023.  Many believe what's going on has nothing to do with health, in fact, the opposite.  The deaths and adverse reactions being witnessed around the world are terrifying.  Later on in the story it is revealed the 'jab' is a bioweapon used to initiate the global takeover of humanity.  The people are presented with an impossible situation;  risk their lives or loose their livelihoods if they refuse the highly questionable and controversial 'jab'.   

Here we are, by no mistake, at The Entrance of a new dawn...the time the Australian Originee's have prophesised as the New Way Dreaming.  As we embark on our story Bruce Waia connects us to the Aboriginal spiritual world and reminds us to honour the ancestors of this land and our own ancestors.  Cole reminds us we are all custodians now and we are needed on the front lines.

Families are being ripped apart, adversity is creating a rising tension, fear is rife.  There is a dark underbelly that lerks in the shadows of paradise and on the horizon we feel the loud rumblings of evolution.  It's palpable because the thing that is feared the most, after death, is change.

The mother's cry and the men rise to defend their families and the community.  The country's collective trauma is exposed as we hear the personal stories of our time; death, birth and life.

The wheel of change is turning and in this film we capture the spirit of grassroots society on their knees.  They need to find the path to the new dreaming.  Their survival is at stake.  The future for the next seven generations looks bleak for many reasons.

Chapter One, The Book of Renovation. The Beginning.  We are reminded it is a spiritual war we face and those not connected to Christ will fall victim to the architects of destruction.

The community understands they are stronger together but first they must Reclaim the Line.

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