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In 2009 MarYam Saffire BoVardia was approached by a councillor for the Gosford City Council to tender for the role of head of Art & Culture to facilitate the transformation the community was preparing for.  Her extensive experience as a senior television producer and director specialising in programs around transformation piqued the interest of the Greens councillor.   Whilst working on the proposal she was visited at her Pearl Beach home by a Buddhist Grand Master.    He used her birth name when he said through Gyomunim, the translator, "Bridget, your name is no coincidence.  You have an important role as a sacred bridge.  Use your gifts wisely."   She promised she would.

At the time, MarYam Saffire BoVardia did not know this role was to facilitate the 21/2030 plan for a New World Order.

God protected her from that role and guided her over the years to ensure she was ready to become a spiritual negotiator and warrior for the dangerous times that lay ahead. 

She began a seven year period of high end house keeping predominately with a clientele based in Pearl Beach. 

From 2016 to 2018 she lived on country in a Sacred Women's Lore Camp outside Byron Bay where she learnt the depth of the nefarious agenda and was initiated into the oneness of creation.  Hundreds of women from around the country and the world gathered around a sacred fire over those two years to discuss the way forward from 'a whole-systems', heart-focussed perspective to create a true democracy that represents the rights of humanity and all of the natural world. 

Her sacred role is to communicate the story as she experienced it.    In order to do this her job is to reveal the stories that create safe passage to the new earth.   Key storytellers hold pieces of the puzzle to light up the narrow path.


Art has a power to change people's lives for ever. If you have to choose between politics or art to govern a nation, I would choose art because it has the power to touch people's hearts and minds.

Mexican movie star @EVerastegui speaking at #ARC2023 on the vital role art plays in strengthening the social fabric.


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