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The Holyword Foundation is a private foundation.  It is community based, not-for-profit, non-government-organisation.  We collaborate with other private community based, not-for-profit, non-government-organisation foundations who are focused on the uplifting of humanity.

Our primary objective is to create stories of truth to be shared broadly into society via traditional means of communication; print, radio and a free-to-air broadcast channel, without corporate or government compromise.   We will also innovate and take our stories, art, music and spirit into unexpected places to reach new audiences. 

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

excerpt from The Beatitudes.  Yeshua.   Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew 5: 3-11

The meek do not represent those with a particular personality type of reticence; nor is this speaking to a weakness.  In fact, the paradoxical power of this passage is that meekness is equated with strength — the strength of the Lord's work in the one who comes to God in total trust and complete surrender.


Dr. Michael A. Milton

President, Faith for Living

The Holyword Foundation has been established to encourage, foster and support the maintenance of the birthrights of humankind, socially minded, community based, environmentally sustainable land and self-sufficient concepts and projects for its members and humankind, the spiritual advancement of humanity, the advancement of art, science and true learning, the regeneration of humankind and all life on earth and any other purposes beneficial to humanity as defined in projects.  We also aim to create fully empowered human beings that thrive from their own initiatives and creativity. 

The Holyword Foundation will endeavour to work creatively and resourcefully to bring about transformation that will further advance humanity in a safe and steady way and in accordance with God's plan. 

All our projects are designed to be multi-media to create a balanced narrative in Australia and beyond.  We are highly trained in areas of cultural sensitivity.   

The Holyword Foundation is made possible by the generous donations of our benefactors who are committed to initiating positive change in the world in alignment with our commitment to the purity of the heart of Jesus Christ.   We ask all corporate donations made in the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility remain anonymous to uphold full integrity.    We are committed to transparency in all areas of our organisation.   All donations will be blessed by God.   Together we are the change.    Please join us.

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16

A private foundation is a type of charitable organization established by an individual, family, or a small group of individuals to promote charitable, educational, spiritual, scientific, literary, or other philanthropic endeavors. Unlike public charities, which often rely on donations from the general public, private foundations are funded by a single source or a small group of donors. These foundations typically have a long-term outlook and are established to provide ongoing financial support to charitable causes.

Key features of private foundations include:

Source of Funding: Private foundations are funded primarily by an initial endowment from the founder(s) or ongoing contributions from a limited number of donors.

Donor Control: The founder(s) or a designated board of directors have significant control over the foundation's operations, including investment decisions and grant-making activities.

Tax-Exempt Status: Private foundations are granted tax-exempt status by the government, meaning they don't pay income tax on their investment income and donations, provided they use the funds for charitable purposes.

Payout Requirement: Private foundations are required by law to distribute a minimum amount of their assets each year for charitable purposes, typically around 5% of the foundation's net investment assets.

Grants and Giving: Private foundations make grants to qualified public charities and other organizations to support specific causes or projects aligned with their philanthropic goals.

Reporting and Transparency: Private foundations are subject to certain reporting requirements to maintain their tax-exempt status. They must file an annual information return with the tax office, providing details about their financial activities and grants.

Independence: Private foundations are independent entities, separate from the individuals or families who establish them, and have ongoing legal existence.

Private foundations can be powerful tools for philanthropy, allowing donors to create a lasting impact on causes they care about. However, they are subject to strict regulations and oversight to prevent abuse of their tax-exempt status and ensure that their funds are used for charitable purposes in line with the law.

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