Our Story

We are a collective of independent visionary artisans birthing a cultural renaissance;  natural storytellers with new narratives, activists, poets, thespians, visual artists, musicians, and doctors of mind, body and spirit.   We creatively explore and combine philosophy, mythology, strategy and dynamic action to work in collaboration with all agents of change motivated to positively influence human evolution knowing that when you set people in motion on the correct path they heal themselves and create new pathways.  

Many of us have been initiated into the Originee's vision of a New Way Dreaming which is the story of

unity, connection, love, harmony, peace, healing for ourselves and all of creation. 

We went to the mountain and we returned with the lore of the land; Grandmother's Lore. 

We are all now fully awake in the dreaming.

We agree with our dear friend Socrates from back in the day when he said the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but in building the new so that's what we are doing.  

The story begins at First Light  ...  it's our job to take you beyond the story.