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Messages from Australian Aboriginal Elders

Runtime                :    21’40 mins

Year                        :    2019
Format                  :    MP4
Director/Editor   :    Bridget Ninness
Producer:             :    Bridget Ninness
Key Cast               :    “Wirrigan”.  Uncle Bill Smith.   Awabakal Elder
                                 :    Uncle Patrick Lock.  PhD Student.  Newcastle University
                                 :    Aunty Danielle Chedzy.  Awabakal Elder
                                 :    Dr Natasha Deen.  Founder.  Save our Coast.  



Special Selection :    Reel Film Festival.   Newcastle.  Australia.




With a deep concern for the preservation of their unique matristic culture and the climactic chaos we are experiencing worldwide, indigenous elders from around the globe are rising to navigate the path forward in these unprecedented times.  

In response to the PhD studies of Uncle Pat Lock on Aboriginal Leadership with Newcastle University, Australia’s Awabakal elders led by Wirrigan and community gathered for a traditional ‘yarn up’ at the Macquarie Life Church in Cardiff, NSW in March 2019, to discuss and share unique cultural knowledge specifically relating to the water crisis, seismic blasting in our oceans causing destruction to marine life in the search for oil and gas and skilful use of fire to manage and care for country.  

Filmmakers Note

I made this film in 2019 before I became fully educated on the roll out of the New World Order and the mechanisms, strategies and tactics that would be employed to facilitate the covert implementation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The climate change narrative is just one of the false stories that is being pushed by various organisations including the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and many other corporations around the world in an attempt to breath life into a dying economic system and keep the corrupted patriarchy alive.   There is now much evidence from the world's leading scientists to suggest the 'zero carbon' objectives are not true.   Please keep this in mind when viewing this film.   To begin your journey into understanding the true climate story please begin your research here...

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