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The Holyword Foundation hereby claims the entire land mass currently known as Australia, including the subterranean terroir, all waters, surrounding islands and infinite sky space for the world's greatest ever collaborative art project.   


'We the People' call forth the holy spirit of the land and reclaim God's Land  in his holy name.

We are the healers, holding the flame of the heart of Yeshua to bring healing and restoration to the people and the lands.  Hallelujah!

Over the next few months pop up galleries appear; creative expression peaks with everything from holograms, to video art & photographic artworks that convey messages to initiate the revival of spiritual truth.


Scripture, poems, verse and songs ignite the holy fire across the lands free from the religious spirit that has tainted the truth of God.




Singer / Songwriter : Yurpia McCafferty (featuring Napanangka Nelly Patterson, Keeper of the Waters, Uluru)

Filmclip : MarYam Saffire BoVardia

If you are an artist aligned with our mission to activate a true revival harmonised in the holy spirit let's talk


The Holyword Foundation

Westpac.   Woy Woy.  NSW.  Australia.

BSB:   032-591

ACCOUNT:  395986

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