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________________   H E R S T O R Y   ________________


In 2005 I set off on an adventure to find my wild self.  I packed only the essentials;  a silk robe, some rose oil, a Wendy Saddington CD and 25 years experience as a senior creative in the television industry.    I met many great teachers, storytellers and healers along the way.  Wisdom was the goal.  

     It was the old Wizard on the Hill who introduced me to the work of French philosopher Gaston Bachelard - among many other things.  Poetics of Space seemed to articulate exactly the conversation I was deeply immersed in with my own soul at that time.   Together we created his opus, a book published by Allen & Unwin The Wisdom of  Water.  

      I owe John a debt of thanks, the 80 year old Greek migrant who has operated The Entrance's Golden Gate milkbar since the 1950's.  He taught me a thing or two about money.  I wasn't the only one to benefit from his advice on financial matters.  Once a month the Australian Treasurer would visit John for a milkshake and they would sit down and discuss all aspects of sound financial management for running a country and a small business.

     I worked in the homes of the rich and famous refining her special brand of 'cleansing'.  My services as the Elite Domystique are highly sought.  I pay homage to my ancestors, my spiritual teachers - the originals of this great Southern land & a few grand dames who guided me on my path.

      In a fortuitous meeting with the great Korean Buddhist Master Hung Sen he told me "Your name is no co-incidence.  You are an strong bridge between worlds.  Use your gifts wisely".    

"Thank you Master Hung Sen.  I will".

     I still shake my head at the ironic twist life took to get me where I was going.  Whilst I set off with lofty ideals of creating a more beautiful, enchanting, exotic, creatively expressive and fulfilling life I wound up scrubbing dunnies and living in her car.   There are those who would say those experiences formed me.  I say, however, that it was I who formed and reformed myself through those experiences.   I acknowledge her privilege by the gift of her family who kept me safe and nurtured through me through my years of healing and transformation. 

  On my own personal journey of healing I learned that liberation lies beyond the story.  It is my purpose to work collaboratively with other dynamic, initiated humans to lead the collective towards self-determination by empowering them to step into their sacred purpose and claim their natural sovereign birth right.


It is time to open the door to healing, unity and the creation of supportive communities for everyone to flourish and thrive but foremost for the children.

 I am guarded by my beloved Kelpie, Blossom and the eagles & other raptors who soar above me daily to remind me always to take the same view they do.  I have been stitched into the realm between the sky and the earth and I prefer to speak only in the languages of love.

      Ultimately I know love is the answer, though I am currently redefining what that means.   I know it's "A Man's World" but I hope that one day my work will contribute significantly to it being a better place for everyone...especially the children.   Peace.

~  Bridget BoVardia

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