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At present there is not even one single First Nations representative in Parliament.  Those that claim Aboriginality, are making a false claim.   They ceded their sovereignty when they swore an oath to the Australian Government Corporation.  People blindly think they are there for the people.  Those that currently claim Aboriginality, that are divided in opinions regarding the First Nations Voice to Parliament, are nothing more than actors there to help create the illusion of the For & Against, they are to sell the illusion that this current corporate system is somehow Just.  They are playing out the role their handlers have assigned them to do.   The Voice, as they call it, will not divide this country.  It has never truly been united.  Division riddles every aspect of our lives.  Non originals and originals.  The subtly of division that has been inflicted upon the masses over many years by these Corporations, has been so successful, we inflict it upon ourselves.  Until the people can see that they whole notion of Unity is nothing but a fairytale. 

Boycott is a possible solution but not permanent.  Refusing to participate until the Corporate rule is abolished would be a permanent solution.

Author:   Original man who wants to be remain anonymous at this stage.

Without understanding exactly what the story was MarYam Saffire BoVardia was inspired to document this time in history over many years.  She lived in Aboriginal Women’s Lore Camp for two years from 2016 to 2018 where she was initiated into ancient culture and sovereignty.   She has documented many historic moments from the closing of Uluru to the general public which we now know is part of the strategy to turn Australia over to the United Nations via the Land Councils, the presentation to the Jewish community of The Voice for support and funding at the great Emmanuel synagogue by Thomas Mayo, to the launch of the globalists YES campaign in the heart of the everyday at Umina Bowling Club with Federal Labor member Gordon Reid who has now been discredited for his 'fake' Aboriginal heritage. 


The Voice was created from an 'agreement' and painting called The Uluru Statement of the Heart.  The elders of Uluru have since spoken up to say they did not understand the Uluru Statement of the Heart would lead to The Voice which they do not want.  They have also stated they were deceived into signing a blank canvas with many signatures from who they claim to be 'Corp-Origini's'; the ones who sell out country for profit.

At stake is Aboriginal sovereignty which has never been ceded and never will be.  Black and White Australia has come together to fight against the globalist's agenda to takeover of our country and install a one world government and religion.

The Eagle and the Condor prophecy

The ancient Eagle and the Condor prophecy is a 2,000-year-old message for the future from the Amazon it’s believed.

It’s not only a message for the future and the changes that are bound to happen, but it also tells what happened in the past and how human societies split into two paths. It tells the story of conflict, but also peace and re-union.

Ancient Native Americans believe that humans were divided into two groups. One group followed the path of the Eagle and the other of the Condor.

The Eagle represents the North and is associated with masculine energy and focus of the mind.  The path of the Condor is represented by the South and is deeply connected to feminine energy and the softness of the heart.

The ancient prophecy tells that after people have decided to split, one group following the Eagle and the other the Condor these two paths will not meet for many years.   During the fourth Pachakuti era, the Eagle and the Condor people would come together again and the Eagle would be so strong as to practically drive the Condor into extinction, but not quite.

The fifth Pachakuti era stands for a new level of consciousness for humanity.   During this time, people will reunite and bring together the individual and community


Praise God.


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