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Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

2 Corinthians 5:17

PROJECT GOAL:  Groves of Glory is a new church based in Africa.  The Holyword Foundation and the City of Heaven Foundation are collaborating to support this church and elevate the voice of Pastor Chisom.   We believe he has the ability to communicate and share the messages of the gospel with new audiences.  


We are seeking sponsorship and partnerships to support our mission in expanding the reach of physical services.   The church has already built a temporary shelter, but they are in need of one-off donations for upgrades and outreach.   They are also looking for ongoing sponsorship and partnership with similar churches across the globe to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.



Groves of Glory is a Pentecostal church, and our strengths include offering free services three times per week. We have an approachable pastor who relates with the poor in the community, making our church a safe haven for all members.   Our prayers and visions are powerful, and our sermons are information-heavy and scripture-based, making the Bible's teachings relatable to our congregation.



As a sponsor of Groves of Glory, you will benefit in the following ways:

1.   Exposure to our growing community of members through our various online and offline channels.

2.   Opportunities to build strong networks with other similar churches across the globe, and access to the African market.

3.   Tax deductions on donations and contributions.



Groves of Glory, are open to different types of sponsorships, including once-off donations, ongoing partnerships, and in-kind donations. Here are some ways to get involved:

1.   Make a one-off donation towards the church's upgrades and outreach activities.

2.   Partner with us through an ongoing sponsorship program, where you commit to a monthly or yearly donation.

3.   Donate your products or services that can be used for the church's outreach activities.



The goal of Groves of Glory is to reach more individuals in Africa and across the globe, spreading the word of God and offering hope to communities. We plan to generate revenue through donations, partnerships, and fundraising activities. Our online church activities provide access to the gospel and spiritual growth for members, with the potential to grow our community beyond physical borders. Additionally, our physical outreach activities aim to promote the gospel and bring hope to different communities, thus increasing our visibility and impact.

At our new Groves of Glory church, we aim to lead in spreading the Word of God and offering hope to individuals in Africa, Australia and beyond. We are grateful for any support to help us achieve our mission. As a sponsor, you will be part of our story, creating a lasting impact on people's lives and communities.   Please join us in our goal of expanding our reach by becoming a partner today.  We are an inclusive church that aims to provide and all inclusive place of worship to the community. 

Pastor Chisom Azuaru had personal aspirations to become an entrepreneur, however, God had different plans.  By divine appointment he would cross paths with three unrelated men of God who prophesised over him that he is called to be a Pastor.  He initially resisted and questioned such directions but God's calling was clear and God's sovereignty is above our worldly will so a mandate was imprinted on his heart and Groves of Glory ministry began in Nigeria.

Since 2021 Groves of Glory has been a thriving online church and has a sizeable online international fellowship with countless testimonials supporting the Groves of Glory values and its founder, Pastor Chisom.   Currently Groves of Glory is dedicated to three online services per week that are recorded and free for distribution promoting ongoing growth and expansion of God's Kingdom.  He holds a thriving prayer community with encouragement and dedication to individuals prayer requests.  Groves of Glory continues with a Christ centred focus and is dedicated to being lead by the Holy Spirit.

It is his intention to develop physical churches in Nigeria, Australia and across the world.  The time has come to expand the ministry and touch the hearts (and stomachs) of those in the Amaoba-Ime region of Nigeria.

Praise God.

The growing of this church is a perfect way to explore the story of pure faith in a multi-media series and take the messages shared by Pastor Chisom, and Australian Aboriginal Pastor James Dargin to audiences who wouldn't normally get access to these powerful teachings. 

The profile of the Australian population is changing and these two pastors reflect that change.


I listen to sermons and interact with Chisom three times a week and do Youth Leader training with him on Telegram.  I find that he is really a big inspiration in my life and an amazing role model o how to prepare people for a Christ centred life.  He is a great teacher and speaks not to just one audience but to every audience and helps them gain an understanding if they are confused in any way. 

In all his sermons, which I have attended now for two years, the holy spirit has spoken through him and he has helped me gain a whole new relationship with Christ.

Each of his sermons are awakening and have insightful points.  When it comes to his teachings, he is God focused.   He is humble and it's amazing to see him shine in God's glory.

Thank you Chisom for all the work you do for furthering God's Kingdom.


(Youth Leader Trainee)

Central Coast  NSW  Australia

I really know our Lord works through Pastor Chisom.  His wisdom, knowledge and delivery is easy to understand and resonates deep in my spirit.  I am so blessed that Pastor Chisom is available to listen to as well as speak with.  My journey as a Christian has advanced greatly with Pastor Chisom's sermons.  Thank you Holy Spirit for the gift of this wonderful Pastor.


Mid North Coast   NSW   Australia

A collaboration with the
City of Heaven Foundation
to build the Kingdom of God on earth

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