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Elke feels she hasn't got much longer in this realm.  She's preparing to pass over.   She's had a long, full life and an extensive career as a psychologist and has something she wants to reveal before she passes over.  Twelve clients have 'unravelled' before her in sessions.  What was revealed has disturbed her and Elke feels compelled to revealing this to the world before she pass.  In her words...

Going through

Can’t go over it

Can’t go under it

Can’t go around it

Have to go through it.



My journey with Satanic Ritual Abuse was a reluctant and difficult one. There had been no mention of it in my psychology training. - there had been no real training even for sexual abuse recovery let alone SRA. The idea of satanic cults operating locally had never intruded into my consciousness and if it had there would have been an immediate automatic flick of rejection.


I would like to provide in this book a clarification of this very complex and difficult area so that there is a foundation of understanding. I cannot claim full understanding but I have made a genuine attempt. I would like to take the reader on my journey, the step by step journey into darkness and navigating a way out.

It is a very disturbing journey and there is a reluctance to open it up. Do people really need to know this and feel the horror of it. I hesitated for 25 years. Now I feel it must be known as it is deeply intertwined with cultural and societal developments over the last decades and escalating in its impact. To understand its deeper layers brought me in the end great clarity around what is now happening in the world and where we could be heading. In the end, understanding the ideology of the cults allows clear discernment around which social narrative is a clever deception and where in fact truth lies. I am hoping by bringing SRA out of hiding this will be true for you too. The journey is in stages, an initial somewhat naive introduction without any prior preparation, an essential deepening and in the last stage an understanding of the deeper social, ideological and spiritual implications. The reader will also follow these stages and perhaps accept the initial naivite if they already know more.




It began with Kerrie who had come to see me in 1993. I had no idea how she had found me as I did not advertise. Someone had given her my number. She couldn’t remember who. She had kept the number for some months before calling me. She had a very soft ambience and vulnerability and I immediately liked her and felt instantly committed. She was 45 and experiencing full panic attacks more and more frequently and intrusively without any obvious cause. I asked her about the panic attacks, were there any particular times, any triggers.


She explained that she was having terrifying dreams that were intrusive and lingered through the day which she thought might be triggering the panic be continued.


In the winter of 2020 I, MarYam Saffire BoVardia , was called to film a story urgently.  The voice on the end of the phone warned the lady didn't have much longer and her story needed to be recorded.  I was taken on a nine hour journey into the hills surrounding Nimbin to the home of Jazmin Theodora, a local identity.   The conditions for filming were less than ideal.  It was a rainy, wet weekend, the mosquitos were prolific but still I set up the camera to record the story of Australia's first ever transgender person.  Male to Female.   I didn't get any sense that I had captured the essence of the film but by the time we'd finished recording over the two days I felt at least I had something recorded.

We became friends and spoke every night after that.

After a few months she told me she was fading and asked me to sit with her during this process.  I relocated to her home full of junk and stayed with her for several months.  I still felt it was premature and couldn't devote the time to being the nursemaid when so many others were on hand to do that role.   During the many sleepless times I sat with her she revealed some of her deepest, darkest secrets.  I listened but did not record.

Another producer stepped in to film a short film that told the story Jazmin wanted told.  It was not the story I wanted to tell so I stepped away.

Jazmin is a herbalist.  After being given many death sentences in her life, including the one three years ago, she has healed herself yet I feel her time is approaching and I am about to be called in for a final time to record the story that the world needs to hear now about the transgender journey.

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