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Jake Cassar & the Dub Surrection featuring Wunyungar - Messenger



Grassroots change is where the shift in our society takes place.   A new dreaming is created by the power of the people united.   Jake Cassar & the Dub Surrection have created the anthem for a joyful, coming together of all people to heal the stories of the past and create a new dreaming together.   Jake is a frontline defender of the wilderness; the things that keep organic beings grounded into the meaning of life, nature herself.  Alongside his allies at Coast Environmental Alliance they are fiercely protecting the sacred lands at Kariong from development.   Please follow their story here...




Filmmaker MarYam Saffire BoVardia has been deeply initiated into the new way dreaming and has interwoven the story of a young Gooreng Gooreng Wakka Wakka man Alywyn Doolan's epic 8,000 km walk from the tip of Queensland via Tasmania to Canberra, to deliver a message of healing to the Australian Government.   His three Message Sticks articulate Australia’s story in three stages: Creation, Colonisation and Healing.  But will he be heard?  Follow and support this powerful story at .....



She has also used imagery that communicates the grassroots uprisings calling for large scale change across the board from issues pertaining to Original Australians, the environment and the violation of our human rights and degradation of justice.   The emergency is not the one being presented by the mainstream narrative of carbon emissions.  The crisis is the corruption and greed that has and is selling off Australian resources to the highest bidder.  Of greatest concern is the implementation of military grade weaponry on the people through 5G (just the beginning) and the internet of things. 


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