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We care for all people

We care for country

We care for the waters

We care for all beings

We care.


Creator:  Angela Briles.  The Mother Lands Foundation

Vision Statement:  Mother Lands group is for those that are living from their place of authenticity and Truth. This is a group for those doing the work of breaking trauma patterns, Finding your sovereignty to collaborate and contribute to the design and co-creation of our New Earth.

This is a place to share my piece of The Matriarch which is my vision for the Mother lands foundation. It's for us to share ideas and collaborate in ways that can bring about profitable and sustainable villages.

I want to bring forth a world that cares for our mother great and small, a world that releases the burden on mothers to carry all the responsibility in raising our future generations.

I see a world where Matriarch and Patriarch are Equal partners.


The world does not need another capitalist development.

It isn’t about making housing “more affordable” because the mortgage business model for buying houses is not sustainable.

It isn’t about providing “jobs” because more and more people do not have interest in doing a “job” that makes someone else rich. “Jobs” are not sustaining, they are draining.

Often people think the solution is intentional community or eco-village because these are ways of living that consider sustainability however, Physical sustainability (of land, body and building) is just one piece of the puzzle.

Here is the thing about patriarchal “thinking”…

It is meant to “think” in parts, pieces, divisions, separations, structure, strategy, analyzing… This is the essence of Patriarch.

It IS the masculine aspect.

What about emotional, mental, spiritual, financial sustainability?

We cannot EXPECT to SUSTAIN over many generations with only ONE piece of the puzzle.

The job of Matriarch is to GATHER all the parts and pieces of the patriarch and put them together to form the WHOLE.

The whole is the essence of Matriarch.

It is the feminine aspect.

The Mother is always thinking about the well-being of the WHOLE. Whole being, whole family, whole village, whole planet. She SEES how it ALL fits together.

Do you SEE how these two companions need each other? How these 2 work together as an equal team?


Capitalism. Colonialism.

(Patriarch is NOT the same as Capitalism/colonialism.)

Here is what capitalism/colonialism/establishment/system (take your pick of words) does:

It NEEDS to own, dominate, seize, occupy, TAKE, invade, exploit, control, conquer, claim, devour, destroy, pillage, rape. It’s destructive, savage, barbaric… it creates panic, anxiety, stress and shows NO mercy, NO remorse.

The Capitalist system is the thing that has replaced the original vision of the Matriarch and claimed Patriarch as its own.

It’s destroying humanity and the planet.

If we do not address the WHOLE of sustainability, capitalism WILL, without a doubt, DESTROY the land (and everything else) we aim to protect.

Some might think intensional community or ecovillage is the answer. We do not need another patriarchally-minded “intensional community or eco-village”.

Intensional communities and eco-village still have everyone buying shares and purchasing housing on a capitalist mortgage system.

It still has a hierarchy of management.

It still keeps everyone separate with “mine and yours” thinking.

This model is no different than a divisive patriarchal society.

People within these communities are often still doing a capitalist job in capitalist society.

This is where Mother Lands is different.

Mother Lands is not a place where we still follow the same old capitalist models. When you do that, you may as well continue to live in capitalist patriarchal society, why bother with a village?

As long as we continue to follow the capitalist ways, or remain in patriarchal separation, there will be CONFLICT and war.

It’s time to begin thinking in Whole-istic ways.

Combining the pieces and parts of Patriarch, putting them together to form a whole Matriarch and leaving capitalism out of it completely.

What the world needs now, more than anything, is housing and food security.

Matriarchal village provides this.

Mother Lands is building matriarchal villages.

It’s not a place one comes to live and still do capitalist jobs. Matriarchal Village does not have trickle down management, nor is anyone “expected” to do their chores.

Each person practices self-care but it isn’t dictated, it isn’t a rule, self-care is something that comes naturally when we have the support of community and if someone isn’t caring for themselves then that is a signal that they need help from the village.

If you are coming to village, One must be ready to live in matriarchal village…

Inner capitalism must have already crumbled in those who come to the matriarchal village.

It’s about being attuned to self, each other and environment. It’s alertness. It’s awareness. It’s inner Knowing.

You have to know what it means to be sovereign.

You have to know what you offer the village or be willing to do the work of self discovery.

Each person creates their own role in village, Each person is offering their original mission to village, each person is offering the skills they LOVE to do.

In Village, we are not doing a job out of obligation. People give from the kindness of their hearts. It’s not about feeling pressured to do work you don’t like just so you can have shelter. That is not a fair exchange.

You should never have to do a “job” in exchange for your survival.

The job of making sure the village has enough food will be the only job that everyone will be responsible for but it’s not like tending to a huge farm, it tending to your personal food gardens depending on how they are set up. It’s simply caring for yourself. When you care for yourself, you care for the whole village.

The work in village is work that is energizing, NOT draining. It’s meant to be fulfilling! It’s meant to GIVE LIFE.

Mother Lands is designed to raise enough money to pay to build the entire village upfront. It takes initial funding to build but sustains itself over time.

It is Both a for profit and nonprofit business model.

The 2 serve each other.

The business pays for the housing and land (food).

It’s designed so the business sustains the people and the people in return, tend to the land and business by offering who they are, offering their love, their original gifts.

You have to be ready to give up “mine and yours” thinking and look at the WHOLE village as ONE entity but by knowing your own needs, you know the needs of the village.

If your passion is preserving land, then matriarchal village is the only way to do that Because the same family of people living in village will carry on tending the land as the village itself is passed down through the generations.

The village maintains family and the family cares for the land generation after generation.

Over time, with the same lineage of people tending the land, the earth begins to flourish again. See?

We CANNOT EXPECT LAND to be preserved if we still function as capitalists.

Business and money itself is not the problem.

It’s the WAY we do business that is the problem. The capitalist model sustains only one person or a select few at the top.

The village model takes money made by the business and uses it to sustain the whole village (rather than the few at the top).

If you are still thinking ecovillage or intensional communities, or if you are still thinking separation, separate ownership, separate income, divisions and hierarchy then you are not ready to live in village.

Living in a village does not mean you don’t get your own private house, but your home is not yours because you “pay” for it, it is yours because you inhabit the house…because the house is needed to sustain your body and energy.

I did not mean for this post to be this long and I am sure it can be simplified.

I will be working to organize this information better. As I get it organized, I will offer it to you.

My work is to offer us the understanding of what it means to live together interdependently in a village.

My work is to help us understand the difference between how we have always lived in society and how we will be living in village as we move forward.

This is the beginning of a new way of life and it isn’t for everyone.

What I am creating is a way of life for those that can no longer play the capitalist, separation and division game.


Mother Lands Foundation

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