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The Saffire Private Foundation (SPF) is a not for profit private foundation made possible by the generous donations of our benefactors.


We collaborate with other foundations dedicated to rebuilding our culture through the new way dreaming in accordance with the guidance of the

Crown of the Originee Nation, the Crown of the Mauri Nation and all other suv'eran first nations crowns.

Our foundation members are free women and men and natural human beings created by the infinite divine consciousness and have established this Private Foundation, as a non-profit, non-governmental and charitable organisation for holistic community service, altruistic and spiritual purpose.  

The Saffire Private Foundation has been established to encourage, foster and support the maintenance of birthrights of humankind, the socially minded, community based and environmental sustainable land and self-sufficiency concepts and projects for its members and humankind, spiritual advancement of humanity, the advancement of art, science and true learning, the regeneration of humankind and all life on earth and any other purposes beneficial to humanity as defined in projects.

The Saffire Private Foundation will endeavour to 'work silently' to bring about the transformation that will be the further spiritual advance of humanity safe and steady, as part of the divine plan.  It cannot and will not consciously support the financing of murderous wars or conflicts perpetrated throughout the planet by corporatised government and private companies to further their own commercial interest.











The primary purpose of the Saffire Private Foundation is primarily to fund which focuses it's projects on building social equity and inclusivity for all people.  In addition, our role is to fund, facilitate, implement and operate projects and enterprises that as sustainable in atmosphere and environment on earth as possible, and to advise and educate its members and the public on these same sustainable and spiritual principles, the projects and enterprises are particularly to support and sustain the 'Participants and Members' in such projects, enterprises and communities locally and globally where a percentage of contributions back to sustainable community development to enable meaningful improvement to the planetwe live on to humanity either an individual or a group.   The principle of 'Do No Harm' is fundamental to the Foundation's establishment and underlying principle. 

The purpose of the Saffire Private Foundation is to unify, utilise and celebrate the excellence in all cultures.

The Foundation shall serve the community by working towards the following goals:

*  Acquiring and placing into trust, land suitable for:

    ~  Sustainable Land Management and Bioculture Regeneration based on principles of deep ecology , permaculture, biodynamic agriculture and Ancient wisdom.

    ~  Virgin Rainforest Protection which includes the preservation of local indigenous tribes and the wild-harvesting of super-foods and natural plant medicines.

*  Facilitating Idea Labs, Think Tanks and Incubators and create, launch and support small-scale Sustainable Social Enterprises in the fields of:

   ~  Food as Medicine

   ~  Shamanic Healing Arts

   ~  Music, dance, film, fashion, art and other forms of transmedia

   ~  Sustainable Living, Housing and Eco-Village Development

~ Cyber Security and Intiatives

Our purpose applies equally to all humanity, irrespective of colour, caste, nationality, creed, sect, religion or gender.

We invite you to support our Queens heal the world and to restore sacred balance once again. 

This is our commitment to the next seven generations and Mother Earth herself.

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