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The cannabis plant is calling.  She is the voice of the mother and she is offering healing & renewal.

Attempts to silence, suppress and prohibit her have only prolonged humanity's suffering.  The voice of the feminine is singing to us offering a way of living in harmony with natural lore.

She provides us with new industries in agriculture, building, manufacturing, food and medicine.  She holds the keys to our e-love-ution and directs us as we rebuild a honeycomb of self-sustaining communities throughout regional Australia.

She holds the secrets.

A collaboration with

Nikki Freeburn.  Natural Lore Wellness

The Church of Ubuntu

Since our break with nature came from agriculture it seems fitting that the healing of culture must begin with agriculture taking the lead.

-  Wes Jackson

* feature documentary establishing the vision
* ongoing web-series to be hosted on our own platform
* podcast
* social justice arts initiatives
* creative social media marketing strategy including e-books, video content, blogs

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This channel is coming soon!
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