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Beagle Bay, a remote community north of Broome is the stage for the introduction of the new way.   Award winning song woman and community leader Kerrianne Cox (aka :MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA) has called a Billilee.    It is the completion of the ceremony when we are calling in the four eco-systems; the river, the coast, the island and the desert.  The people from those eco-systems are all now in a circle.  We will sit together to negotiate the terms of an International Treaty.  


The story is told through the metaphoric backdrop of a physical renovation of the remote Aboriginal community.   Leemer, the Blue Porpoise prophecy passed down to Billingee from Ngombal who looks after all the small spirits from the human, animals, trees, rocks, waters, air.  The time has come and the time of being small is over.  Marloo Maaboo.   Meejarra jarra Ranjgee Booroo Rarrgoojaa.  We are no longer slaves and carriers of their children.  Maaboo maaboo.  :MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA has [re]claimed all of Gondwanaland under the Crown of the Origini Nation.

On the east coast 1300 metres above sea level at the headwaters of 13 river systems the dreaming is activated by MarYam Saffire BoVardia, who was sent to these lands many moons ago.   Her maternal ancestoral line were Russian.  Just over 100 years ago Russia's beloved Tsar Nicholas and his family were murdered after the Tsar declined the offer by the  League of Nations, later to become the United Nations, to become part of the one world government.  Her family escaped Russia after the bolshevik invasion and made it to Harbin in China where eventually a new race emerged called the "In-Betweens" before being ousted to Hong Kong and then onto Australia.  Only the women; three generations survived.   She feels these curent world events in her 'bones'.

From vastly different perspectives they problem solve on issues affecting their communities including domestic violence, homelessness, physical and mental health, education, child care, aged care, food supply, employment and environmental and governance issues.

We are asking the holy spirit of the land to come forth and renew us in a cycle of new beginning.  :MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA is holding the ancient story.  MarYam Saffire BoVardia is holding the New Covenant through the heart of Jesus Christ.  Through their shared stories the new creation emerges.

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.   People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

2 Timothy 3:1-4


:MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA sent her old friend MarYam Saffire BoVardia a text message back in January 2020.   It was the very early hours of the morning on the east coast where they are three hours ahead of Nyul-Nyul country.

In her singing language :MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA described what the wind was doing, the earth saying, trees whispering, waters reflecting back as she described silence.

As MarYam Saffire BoVardia was reading the messsage a freak wind came through like a divine decree here on Wannangini (Guringai, Darkingnoong and Awabakal) country north of the Gadigal lands.  The wind chimes whipped into a beautiful discordant rhythm; the beat to the clarion call into the new way for humanity.    MarYam Saffire BoVardia recorded the phenomena and sent it to :MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA. who immediately brought through this sacred chant.

Ya'Yinnee Ngulla  (our way)                 Nyaa Ngulla     Nyaa Ngulla     Nyaa Ngulla  (this way)            Maaboo Maaboo  (new beginning)    

The chant inspired MarYam Saffire BoVardia to create this portal of entry, a birthing canal into the new dreaming through the forest and into star lore using the beautiful butterfly as the signal that the time has arrived.

:MAJA-JINGKI: BURRA reminds us that in the dreamtime we are fully awake.  There is no time.  Time is an illusion.  All time streams are one.  Nigala now, nigala maaboo.  In the now space, which we say living and from there everything is brought to life.

​We journey through the law of the land and learn about country proper way so we can all live together in harmony as fully activated beings of light and love in the new dreaming.  It's time for Grandmother's Lore and we are here to guide you and share our wisdom.

Along the way we meet Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the revival begins.



New Way Dreaming project is a collaboration between the Koojarra Foundation and the Holyword Foundation


The Holyword Foundation

Westpac.   Woy Woy.  NSW.  Australia.

BSB:   032-591

ACCOUNT:  395986

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