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Stephen Jenkinson describes eldership as the axis mundi of our society which translates as the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar and center of the world.   It is in this place that the heaven (sky) connects with the earth.   The axis mundi may be feminine (an umbilical providing nourishment), masculine (a phallus providing insemination into a uterus), or neither (e.g the omphalos (navel).

In this series we seek out wisdom from initiated elders for this time to assist and guide us at this exciting time of transformation. 

Series 1: Episode 1 -  Unpacking the Great Reset with Elke Cryer

This talk outlines the agenda of the 4th Industrial revolution as provided by the WEF and UN, their method of implementation- alternating incrementalism with crisis and effective ways of maintaining a human society throughout the process.

Without understanding the big picture, the full agenda and how it will be implemented it is difficult to meet it effectively.  We get caught up in failing strategies that play into the hands of the agenda, waste time and effort unproductively.   Can any impact be made from within the system?   Can the current legal or political system make a difference?   Do we need to create a completely different parallel society?   What are the time frames for achieving the Technocracy and how long might it be operating?

Elke Cryer has worked for 9 years in China a totalitarian country and learned much from the underground there. She is a psychologist specialising in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and an activist in new economic paradigms.


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