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Jalal Mahamede

July 6, 2021.  2.16 pm


Coming to Australia by boat to seek asylum is not a crime. I have not committed a crime but the Australian government has detained me for eight years. And after eight years, it's still not clear what my future will be.

I spent 6 years of my life in Camp Nauru, in those white tents, 40 people in a tent at a temperature over 39 degrees Celsius without fans and air conditioners. the first two years I had only 3 minutes a day to take a shower .

Is this humanity and justice? Is this the answer to people asking for help? To torture us and cause mental and physical illnesses? ( paranoid , learning disability, personality disorder, sociopath, depression, bipolar, Learning difficulties, self harm , nervous breakdown,Trauma,, inferiority complex, autism…..)

Is this how a developed country supports innocent human beings who have only asked for help?

I was assaulted by locals on the island of Nauru in 2018. I don't know exactly what happened.

I just remember waking up in the hospital.

Student Council Poster.png

I could not complain to anyone because everyone on the island was related, so when I went to the police they covered it up. they even kept me in the police station until I dropped my complaint. And I did , I had no other choice. It sucks.

In that attack, my lip was badly torn and I lost my tooth.

I had problems such as severe headaches, stuttering, which caused me to distance myself from people because I could not speak fluently and this bothered me. My depression intensified and I couldn't sleep.

I was brought to Australia from Nauru Island for treatment 2 years ago. Since then I have been in closed detention.

I'm still not free, and I still live in hardship and torment.

My condition is getting worse and worse.

I have come to serve this country with all my heart. I have come to work with all my strength for the development and betterment of this country.

I am a human being like you and nothing else. I feel, I have a heart. They have hurt my belief in humanity.

We have lost our lives and only our last breaths are left. Please be a reason for us to breathe. Please be a reason to show us hope and light.

Also I need to say that It costs thousands of dollars a day ($346000 per person per year) to keep us in detention. where does that money come from? It is your tax money.

They take it from your packet and waste it on torturing us .

Please, let's help each other eradicate the root of oppression, because happiness is the right of all human beings on earth.

Please contact Karen Andrews, Alex Hawke and your local MP. Tell them to let us free. Please tell your friends and family our story. Please attend protests. Please fight for us.

#FreeTheRefugees  #8yearstoolong  #justice  #ombudsman  #FreeMe  #MustBeFinished

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